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Ragnarok renewal royal guard job change quest

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WebFeb 6,  · Royal Guard Job Base(s): Crusader Paladin Job Type: Job Level: 65 Race: Human Changes At: Prontera Number of Skills: 19 Total Skill Points: Total . WebDec 21,  · Ragnarok Royal Guard Job Change Quest. 1. Start the Royal Guard Job Change Quest by entering the Prontera castle and speak with Middle-aged Gentleman .

Ragnarok renewal royal guard job change quest

Hainrich tells you that he is looking for Schmidtz's trace and any information about the Royal Guard. Relevant Locations. Prontera Castle (prt_castle). This page contain every job change quest guides in Ragnarok Online. You can follow each of these guides to change to the job class you want from the.

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Ranger Job Change Quest - Ragnarok Online Renewal (iRO Valkyrie)

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It is located at north-west of Prontera. Once inside, speak to NPC Chivalry Captain to begin your quest. Player with Job level 50 can skip all quests and change. This Ragnarok Online guide details how to build an optimal Royal Guard for PvM, covering stats, skills, equipment, strategies, and leveling.

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WebAny character who’s reached Base Lv. 99 and Job lv. 50 as either a Transcendent class or 2ndjob is eligible to take the Renewal Job Change Quests. Abilities Changing jobs . WebJob Change to Royal Guard. In the crusader area of Prontera castle, speak with Middle-aged Gentleman. prt_castle He will tell you about Schmidtz's trace. Speak to .

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