How To Ship Vinyl Records

Bubble mailers are the most accessible option for shipping both CDs and cassettes. Wrap the items in extra bubble wrap and reinforce with cardboard. Pack only. So, to take the average ASIP record (a good quality weight x2LP, with gatefold sleeve, and solid packaging materials) heading over to Europe, we. How to Safely Post Vinyl Records · Start With a Great Packing Material · Take the Vinyl from its Sleeve · Use a Record Mailer · Wrap up the Package. Once the vinyl is packed up correctly, you can place it into the shipping container and seal things up. You should consider labeling it with 'FRAGILE' and 'DO. You can choose from several shipping methods depending on what you are comfortable with or have used. The most common shipping methods are through the United.

Vinyl Record Mailers – 12″ Shipping Boxes Custom Die Cut – (25) · Recommended for LPs and vinyl records · Environmentally friendly, % recyclable · Custom die. The best way to ensure a vinyl record reaches the recipient undamaged is to ship it in a cardboard mailer. Avoid using normal envelopes to send such a fragile. I use LP mailers. The record goes into a new plain white inner sleeve, that plus the original inner and cover all go into a plastic or mylar outer sleeve. Our LP RECORD MAILER "BOXES" ship up to 12 or 20 LP records, and have double-walled sides that help ensure corner and edge protection of your record jackets. How To Pack inch Vinyl Records For Postage · Use proper packing materials · Take the record out of the sleeve · Extra protection · Place in the mailer · Sealing. Put the records in a box · Use LP record mailers, ensuring that any gaps in the mailer box are filled with cardboard, more bubble wrap, etc. · Use a box the. LPs come in several different sizes, most typically 7, 10 and 12 inches. The weight will vary from around oz for a 7" to oz for a 10" and oz for a. TwisterBox offers the best non-glued vinyl record shipping box, boasting double-layer protection and a crush-proof design. Made in the USA! Inch Corrugated Pads - New Lower Pricing! x inch corrugated pad for shipping your 7 inch vinyl records. CAD$ Step 2: Place the Vinyl Record in the Mailer · Take the LP record mailer and open it up. · Place the cardboard with the vinyl record into the mailer. · Use. Without an LP mailer: Choose an appropriately sized box for the number of records to be shipped. Slide an additional piece of cardboard and piece of bubble wrap.

Ideally, place both the record and the jacket inside a cheap plastic outer sleeve for protection. Then, carefully place the record and vinyl jacket inside the. 1. Wrap the vinyl record using cardboard or bubble wrap. You know that records can be delicate and require special care. One way to help protect your records. To safely ship a vinyl record collection, put each vinyl in a new sleeve. Put them and their covers in PVC outer sleeves, shipping stiffeners between each vinyl. A proper cardboard mailer designed specifically for records · Two or more cardboard inserts for stability · Polysleeves or plastic bags to seal the records · . Because their combined weight can be difficult to lift, it's best to limit containers to about of your records. Drivers should also be made aware that they. Do not put the record into the cardboard outer sleeve, as it may slide around during shipping and break through the edges of the outer sleeve. Instead, place. You may find yourself asking what we would use to ship vinyl records. The answer is USPS Media Mail. Hands down the value to cost ratio is the best and most. How to Ship CDs · Remove the CD from its jewel case and place it in a clean polyethylene bag. · Inspect the jewel case for any cracks or damage. · Wrap the CD. ADD A PROTECTIVE INSERT. An insert, either cardboard or bubble wrap (or both), adds a layer of protection between the box and the vinyl record, ensuring it.

Uline stocks a wide selection of Vinyl Record Mailers. Order by 6 p.m. for same day shipping. Huge Catalog! Over products in stock. Steps Cross two pieces of bubble wrap that are as wide as the records and three and a half times as long. Put records on top of the center, where the. Shop for Vinyl Records Shipping Boxes at Save money. Live better. Bubble Wrap or Padded Inserts: Wrap the vinyl record in bubble wrap or use padded inserts to provide an extra layer of cushioning. Use Properly Sized Mailers. Albums and single are fragile during shipping, so a good album mailer is essential. We carry album mailers in different sizes for vinyl shipping.

Shipping delicate items like vinyl records can be daunting, but with the right packaging, it doesn't have to be. Cutting Edge Packaging Products carries a.

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